My site currently looks like ass.
I fucked it up and will fix it soon.
Too busy making other things now.
Rather than judge, let's just have a beer.
I'll tell you about all the cool stuff I do.

Thanks. Bye.

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Good things happen to those who trust their gut.
It’s worked over 217 years for 7 generations of unreasonable men.

– Beam Family Mantra

Jim Beam

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Jim Beam
Augmented Reality

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Jim Beam
Online & Social

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The Doritos Locos Taco, one of the highest-selling fast food products in history,
put customers into a frenzy when it came out. But Taco Bell wanted to share the
news with those who hadn't tried it.

What better way than to show all the Taco-lovers' friends, the end is near and
they better act fast while they still have a chance to taste one.

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We wanted to create a site that would allow users to explore and discover the mysterious role
of Arrow electronics. Users would reach the site via a call to action within TV spots, and be sent to find out just what Arrow is about. There, they could explore and view all the featured spots and see what Arrow was Five Years Out was all about.

Concept & Art Direction brought to life by Luxurious Animals, New York.

Check out the site at www.fiveyearsout.com

Porsche. Everyday Magic.

I was in charge of translating the Porsche Everyday Magic campaign into print and online outlets. This included the design & direction of the mosaic, below, for print and online use as well as sourcing and purposing all imagery used within the piece.

Outside of print, this visual pillar was used in the layout & design for a number of online executions (from banners to website skins to iPad takeovers).

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{Art Direction & Design of mosaic image for print and online. Image sourcing for all imagery used. Layout & Design for all print and mobile mosaic usage.

View full site here
C-K Holiday Party Teaser.

The annual Cramer-Krasselt holiday party was underway, and we needed a method of spreading the news. The writeup below was sent out with the accompanying videos.

"Let’s face it, all year long we rush. We rush to get here by 9…ish. To get our timesheets in on the last day of the month. To the Kriv (café) when there’s free food. That’s why this year, our holiday party will be about anything but that. Take a step back, and slow down to enjoy this year's C-K Holiday Party."

I also made an intro for the "Dull Pencil Awards" (awards for acts of ass-hattery for the year).

My role: Art Direction. Concept. Filming. Editing. Design.
Air Europa
Art Direction / Design

A simple scene can flip the switch. These images ignite that spark and let
the viewer know that they can book a flight to wherever it is their mind may wander.

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Art Direction / Design / Concept

While sitting and daydreaming of tearing the Ohio dirt roads up in the old '66 fastback, I looked down at my weird ogre hands. I thought to myself "I know that place like the back of my hand."

Maybe it was the large protruding vein coming from the flesh, or the way the light grasped every cravas of the landscape that was my hand. But something clicked, so I whipped out the trusty iPhone camera.

Born was the back-of-the-hand topical map.

Simple. Quick. Communicative.

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Porsche. Everyday Magic.
iPad Takeover.

Art Direction / Design

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